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Master Jumper Dubail Limited Edition: Exclusive Craftsmanship

Franck Muller is proud to unveil the world premiere of an emblematic timepiece: the Master Jumper. An exceptional piece with incredible jumping hours, minutes and date complications featuring three apertures offering a new reading time on a sublime dial. 

The new Master Jumper is the result of a solid partnership spanning more than twenty years and a genuine friendship between Franck Muller and Dubail Paris. This limited edition reveals 31 amazing timepieces.

Faithful to its origins in the design of avant-garde timepieces, Franck Muller is once again asserting with this exceptional collection its desire to create a watchmaking style that respects its past, while offering a new way of reading time.


For this collection, Franck Muller is persuing its quest for original creation in which the hands have been replaced by five discs featuring hour, minute and date numerals.

With its unique jumping mechanism, the Master Jumper collection introduces a fresh and inovative way of reading time. The jumping hours complication instantly displays the current hour with a numeral that changes accurately at the start of each hour. 

The jumping minutes complication ensures that the minutes are precisely indicated on the minute mark. Additionally, the jumping date complication guarantees that the date change at midnight, offering precision and elegance in the measurment of time.

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The Master Jumper Dubail: Innovating Timepiece Design

Jumper Dubail Limited Edition

Franck Muller presents this new complication in the latest interpretation of its unique tonneau shape: the Curvex CX. A redesigned case with a sapphire crystal that extends from noon to 6 o’clock right down to the strap, offering a magnificient view of the dial. 

A bold design that fully highlights the watch’s curves with a full perspective on the dial and its new guilloché - inspired by a “Clous de Paris” twisted to give an impression of the movement on the dial - and gives very rich reflections thanks to the different facets. This finishing touch gives the timepiece a unique style that combines tradition and modernity. 

This collection offers a classic and elegant finish with a thin bezel beneath the sapphire crystal that highlights the triple jumping complication.

Jumper Dubail Limited Edition

This unique timepiece was unveiled during an exceptional dinner at the Ritz Hotel in Paris. To mark the occasion, Franck Muller Watchland made a special trip to Paris to celebrate the launch of a new world premiere timepiece in the watchmaking industry. 

“To celebrate the launch of the new Franck Muller Master Jumper, we wanted to create an exceptional, almost intimate event here in Paris to take you with us into the world of fine watchmaking and share our vision with you.” said Mr. Adrien Jouffroy, Franck Muller France.

Jumper Dubail Limited Edition

The Master Jumper represents a breakthough in watchmaking which offers a fresh and captivating way of reading time. This collection is designed for those who appreciate exclusivity and desire to own a truly remarkable timepiece. 

The collaboration between Franck Muller and Dubail Paris ensures that each Master Jumper timepiece is a work of art, meticulously crafted to perfection. 

“The Master Jumper we are presenting today, which displays jumping hours, minutes and date (something that has never been done before), hides beneath its apparent simplicity and the purity of its design, the combination of all the manufacture’s expertise.” says Mr. Jouffroy.

Jumper Dubail Limited Edition


Rose Gold

Jumper Dubail Limited Edition


Rose Gold

Jumper Dubail Limited Edition


Stainless Steel

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