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Diabolik Limited Edition: A Fusion of Art and Time

To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the famous Italian comics Diabolik, Franck Muller and Ronchi Gioielli Milano have collaborated on a special edition limited to 25 exceptional timepieces.

A Tribute to the Legend: Diabolik Limited Edition

Diabolik Limited Edition

Created in 1962 by Angela and Luciana Giussani, two sisters, Diabolik is a well-known comic book in Italy. Diabolik is one of the best-selling comics in the world, with 150 million volumes sold. 

After a first movie adaptation in 2021, Diabolik II has been launched this month, in November 2022, to celebrate the comic book's 60th Anniversary.

Diabolik Limited Edition 

Diabolik moves in the dark. Agile and silent; he blends into the night. He is a panther with icy eyes, the only part he reveals of himself to the world.

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The aesthetic of the timepiece fits in perfectly with Diabolik's character and his mysterious spirit with his mask designed on the dial of a Cintrée Curvex™, one of Franck Muller's iconic shape.

The design of the timepiece shows a black PVD case and a black paint lacquered dial in order to highlight Diabolik's gaze as much as possible. The symbolism of Diabolik's colour, the rosso vivo lettering, is represented on the hands.

Diabolik Limited Edition

Diabolik Limited Edition

The timepiece is also a tribute to Enzo Facciolo - designer of Diabolik - who died in 2021. The Cintrée Curvex™ Diabolik Limited Edition is produced in a limited series, one of which is offered to the designer's nephew.

The idea was born thanks to the acquaintance of one of the designer's nephews, as well as the cooperation with Ronchi Gioielli.

Ronchi Gioielli was founded in Milano about a century ago and has been an official Franck Muller dealer for several years.

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