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Exclusive Franck Muller AC/DC Limited Edition Watch

Franck Muller, the renowned Master of Complication Watchmaker from Switzerland, proudly presents two Limited-Edition Timepieces commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Rock Legends AC/DC in a historic collaboration honoring the legacy of one of the world's most iconic Rock bands. 

Paying tribute to fifty years of unparalleled success, these extraordinary releases celebrate the band's global acclaim and enduring influence. 

Available in 50 units each of polished steel and black brushed titanium, these timepieces represent a rare and prestigious offering.

Franck Muller AC/DC Limited Edition

Design and Craftsmanship of the Franck Muller AC/DC Limited Edition

The AC/DC 50th Anniversary Limited Edition timepieces embody the seamless fusion of precision craftsmanship and Rockstar charisma. 

Encased in a sleek and distinctive 43 mm tonneau shape, a signature of Franck Muller's design philosophy, these horological masterpieces house an automatic movement with a date window at 6 o'clock, epitomizing the pinnacle of Swiss watchmaking excellence.


Franck Muller AC/DC Limited Edition

Dial Design and Tribute Details in Franck Muller AC/DC Limited Edition

The dial, a captivating homage to AC/DC's enduring spirit, features the signature Franck Muller numerals meticulously hand-painted by artisans in Switzerland. 

Enhanced in the iconic red hue originating from the band's first logo lightning bolt in 1974, these numerals exude timeless elegance and pay tribute to AC/DC's legacy. 

Delving deeper into the dial's intricate details reveals a narrative of the band's extraordinary journey, with a Vinyl-like engraving reminiscent of AC/DC's seminal debut album, "High Voltage," released in 1975.


Franck Muller AC/DC Limited Edition

Iconic Accents and Exclusive Availability of Franck Muller AC/DC Limited Edition

Atop the vinyl, the silver-accented six strings of a guitar take center stage, symbolizing the soul-stirring chords that have resonated for five decades. 

Inspired by Angus Young's legendary Gibson guitar, this detail pays homage to his electrifying stage presence. 

The pièce de résistance of these Limited-Edition timepieces is AC/DC logo emblazoned at the heart of the dial, accompanied by the "50 YEARS" tagline, celebrating the band's golden anniversary in style.


Completing the ensemble, the watch strap features a deployment clasp adorned with the iconic AC/DC lightning sign, adding sophistication to the design. 

Packaged in a Flight Case reminiscent of AC/DC's on-stage presence, these timepieces exude a true Rock flair and symbolize the band's mastery of live performances and extensive tours.


Franck Muller AC/DC Limited Edition

Franck Muller's AC/DC 50th Anniversary Limited-Edition timepieces are a timeless fusion of horological innovation and Rock legacy, representing a collector's treasure and a tribute to an unparalleled musical journey. 

With only 50 units of each available worldwide, these exclusive releases are accessible on both WATCHESPEDIA and Franck Muller's Boutique network, ensuring each owner possesses a unique piece of Rock history.


Seize the opportunity to own a symbol of enduring excellence - get your AC/DC 50th Anniversary Limited Edition timepiece today.

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