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Discover the Curvex CX Flash Limited Edition

Through the Curvex CX Flash, Franck Muller explores new materials and projects itself into a futuristic universe inspired by concept cars, where each design is a bold representation of pure innovation, capturing attention with its unique and avant-garde character without ever going unnoticed.

Innovative Material Use in Curvex CX FlashLimited Edition

The choice of materials for the indices was focused on advanced composites such as PMMA, a translucent and colored material with luminescent properties. 

Curvex CX Flash Limited Edition

PMMA, being essentially transparent in its natural state, was made fluorescent by incorporating colors and fluorescent molecules into it. 

These additives absorb light at certain wavelengths and re-emit at longer wavelengths, resulting in fluorescence. 

Design and Aesthetics of Curvex CX Flash Limited Edition

The essence of this timepiece thus lies in the interaction between light and material, where all elements seem to converge towards the center of the dial. 

To enhance this dynamic and add an innovative dimension, the dial features a granular texture obtained by laser machining, which promotes maximum light absorption. 

Curvex CX Flash Limited Edition

A subtle contrast is created by the application of glass at the center, enhancing the brilliance of the indices and giving the dial a unique depth. 

Distinguished Features and Variants of Curvex CX Flash Limited Edition

Housed in a case with beautiful curved lines, the Curvex CX is immediately distinguished by its shape, emblematic of the Franck Muller house. 

The case, with its sapphire glass extending to the strap, enhances the visibility of the dial. 

The strap, entirely made of textile, combines durability and comfort while perfectly complementing the design of the watch. 

A varied range of colors is available, matching the dial indices to draw attention to these colorful details. 

The hands, delicately opened at their center to not obstruct the view of the dial, feature a thin layer of luminova on their edges to enable time reading both day and night. 

Curvex CX Flash Limited Edition

Also available in Chronograph and Grand Date Chronograph versions, the latter features a beautifully open-worked dial that reveals the technicality of its movement. 

Together, these three variants of the Curvex CX Flash position themselves as exceptional timepieces in the world of watchmaking, conferring upon them a unique presence and luminescence.

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