Vanguard Dragon Edition

Franck Muller Celebrates Lunar Year: Vanguard Dragon Edition

As to the Lunar New Year approaches, Franck Muller is proud to unveil a captivating collection that combines traditional symbolism with avant-garde design. 

The Vanguard Dragon Skeleton limited edition is a collection introducing three bejewelled timepieces, each adorned with the mystical allure of the dragon.

Vanguard Dragon Edition

This exclusive collection showcases three stunning variations, each a testament to Franck Muller’s dedication to craftsmanship and innovative spirit. 

Available in vibrant pops of green or red on the tinted sapphire case back, or adorned with the iconic Color Dreams numerals, these timepieces are designed to captivate and enchant the wearers, in perfect harmony with the celebration of the Lunar New Year.

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Exquisite Details and Symbolism

The Vanguard Dragon Skeleton collection features a skeleton movement in which all the components are manufactured and hand-decorated in-house, highlighting the beautiful architecture of the timepiece and the incredible Franck Muller know-how. 

Furthermore, the iconic Franck Muller numerals are hand-set with round brilliant diamonds.

This meticulous craftsmanship reveals not only the works at the origin of the timepiece, but also a central design of the collection: a dragon. 

Engraved on the custom rotor, the Vanguard Dragon finds its place on the back of the timepiece and appears to wrap proctectively around the movement, symbolizing strength and guardianship.

Vanguard Dragon Edition
Vanguard Dragon Edition

Celebrate the Lunar New Year with Vanguard Dragon Edition Timepieces

The Vanguard Dragon Skeleton collection reflects Franck Muller’s relentless pursuit of horological artistry, featuring traditional symbolism with cutting-edge design and technical prowess. 

With this exclusive collection, Franck Muller invites enthusiasts and collectors to celebrate the Lunar New Year with elegance.

Limited to just 10 pieces in white gold for each reference, these exclusive timepieces are available only at Franck Muller boutiques across the Asia Pacific region.

For More Details, You can Visit: Franck Muller Switzerland

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