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Snoopy Inspired Crazy Hours: Whimsical Timekeeping

A watch like no other. This Snoopy-inspired watch, on the famous Franck Muller Crazy Hours model, is full of unique characteristics. 

As the name Crazy Hours suggests, the hour numerals on the dial are not in the traditional order. In fact, most of this watch is untraditional in the most playful and eye-catching way.

Snoopy Inspired Crazy Hours: A Mechanical Marvel

Snoopy Inspired Crazy Hours

Featuring Snoopy on the dial, the complex and clever mechanical movement which allows the hour hand to jump to the next in the correct order, is further highlighted with Snoopy’s arms as the hour and minutes hands.

Snoopy’s faithful sidekick, Woodstock, features twice on the dial and surrounding Snoopy are luminous concentric circles bringing the dial even more to life when in the dark.

Snoopy Inspired Crazy Hours

Snoopy Inspired Crazy Hours

On a matte black stainless steel case, Snoopy and Woodstock are bold to the eye in black and white on a black dial with grey numerals and text. 

Paired with a black hand-sewn fabric strap, every part of this design has been carefully, and playfully, designed.

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Snoopy Inspired Crazy Hours

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Snoopy Inspired Crazy Hours

This 25-piece limited edition is housed in a unique box with a splash of colour highlighting the Crazy Hours design, as well as Snoopy and Woodstock making an appearance.

For More Details, You can Visit:   Franck Muller Switzerland  

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