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Explore the DiveTrack Limited Edition: Exclusive Release

The Ultimate Tools Watch by Singer

The singer is thrilled to introduce the Divetrack, a pioneering timepiece that marries the brand’s iconic design ethos with an unprecedented 24-hour central chronograph function, marking a new era in the world of diving watches.

Making its debut at the prestigious Watches and Wonders event in April 2024, the Divetrack is designed to meet the demands of the most discerning divers and watch enthusiasts alike.

The Singer Divetrack represents a bold leap forward in our quest to reimagine what a diving watch can be says Marco Borraccino, the visionary behind Singer.

It’s not just about adding a new feature; it’s about enhancing the dive experience with unparalleled precision, functionality, and style.

divetrack limited edition

Designed To Dive

At Singer, our passion for innovation drives us to continually redefine the art of watchmaking. This ethos led us to the groundbreaking release of the Singer Track 1 central chronograph in 2017, followed by the inventive Flytrack models in 2020.

Now, we proudly unveil the Singer Divetrack a timepiece that not only sets a new standard in functionality and usability but also revolutionizes the concept of the diver’s watch.

We believe in functionality that serves the diver, not just in theory but in the dynamic environment of the sea.

divetrack limited edition

Singer Our Passion Runs Deep

Singer Reimagined was founded on the principle of pushing the boundaries of traditional watchmaking.

With a legacy built on innovation, craftsmanship, and a daring aesthetic, Singer has quickly established itself as a beacon of excellence in the haute horology world. Since then, audacity has shaped the brand’s story.

Each timepiece is a testament to the brand’s commitment to creating watches that are as functional as they are beautiful, embodying a perfect harmony between form and function.

The First Of its Kind

Conceived by Marco Borraccino with a vision to achieve what has never been done before a true, mechanical, purpose-driven, fully operational diving chronograph.

The Singer Divetrack is designed to be an indispensable companion before, during, and after your dive. It’s a watch that respects the traditions of dive watches while boldly advancing their functionality.

From its appearance, the Divetrack might seem like a traditional diving watch, but it’s much more. It’s an embodiment of Singer’s commitment to pushing boundaries and reimagining what a diving watch can be an unparalleled fusion of heritage and innovation.

How the Divetrack Enhances Your Dive

The Divetrack stands out with its Singer Central Automatic 24-h Chronograph, designed specifically to monitor the entirety of your diving session.

The central sweeping second's hand ensures continuous movement, while the prominent orange minute hand meticulously tracks your underwater adventure.

divetrack limited edition

Before During, After

The Divetrack is not just for underwater use. On the surface, especially during diving trips or extended stays at a diving site, the watch helps you manage your ‘surface intervals’.

These intervals are crucial for allowing nitrogen absorbed during dives to dissipate safely from your body. With the chronograph still running, you can accurately gauge the length of your surface intervals and plan your subsequent dives accordingly.

Multiple Functional Tool

The Central Sub-Counter is an exceptional multifunctional tool featuring 3 zones:

  • CHILL (0h-6h): This zone helps you determine the surface interval before your next dive based on factors like previous dive duration, depth, and frequency.
  • DIVE (6h-18h): Indicates when you are clear to dive again after fulfilling the required surface interval.
  • FLY (18h-24h): Post-dive, this zone highlights the safe window before flying to avoid health risks such as pulmonary embolism. As per PADI guidelines, you must wait at least 18 hours after your last dive before flying.

Starting Your Dive With the DiveTrack

Preparing for your dive is effortless. Upon gearing up, simply activate the diving chronograph by pressing the ‘Start’ button at 2 o’clock.

Its red pusher guard, preventing from accidental activations ensures security and ease too use.

During your dive, the main interaction with your watch involves adjusting the unidirectional bezel for decompression timing.

Subtletime of Day indication

Even in the midst of adventure, keeping track of the day’s time is effortless. Under the rotating bezel, a discrete Singer signature ceramic disk, illuminated with luminescent figures and indexes, subtly reveals the time.

This 12-hour disk provides an unobtrusive yet clear indication of time as it progresses.

Technical Mastery

The Divetrack is a marvel of engineering. It features a sturdy 300-meter (1,000-feet) waterproof case made from Grade 5 Titanium for lightness, complemented by a marine-grade stainless steel turning bezel and case back.

Its unique sandwich structure incorporates an unprecedented use of sapphire crystals three in total for optimal dial visibility, movements showcase, and frontal visibility of the hour disk.

From the following Function

Ensuring operational safety, the watch boasts double O-ring push-buttons and a screw-down winding crown, all waterproof to 300 meters (1,000 feet).

The ‘Start/Stop’ pusher at 2 o’clock is safeguarded against unintentional activation by a red-guard ceramic-coated protector. The ‘Reset’ pusher at 10 o’clock is cleverly designed to prevent accidental usage, only functioning when the chronograph is stopped.

Positioned within the watch-case profile, these pushers are shielded from external impact. The helium escape valve ensures the watch’s functionality in case of saturation dive by allowing trapped helium to escape during decompression, protecting the watch from potential damage.

The Divetrack comfortably accommodates both daily wear and diving suit compatibility. It comes with interchangeable rubber and Velcro technical straps, easily switched using traditional spring bars.

In conclusion, the Divetrack is unparalleled as the world’s first-ever mechanical diving chronograph.

With its innovative movement architecture and design that prioritizes function, it represents Singer’s ultimate vision in diving watch technology a pinnacle of practical, high-end mechanics for the diving connoisseur.

Uni-Directional Turn in Gbezel

As your dive concludes, the unidirectional turning bezel becomes essential for calculating necessary decompression times.

The minute hand aggregates the total duration of your dive, including decompression, providing comprehensive and precise information at a glance.

The unidirectional turning bezel presents a decompression scale, allowing divers to calculate their decompression stops at a glance.

The 60-minute ceramic aluminum ring, a high-performance composite material resistant to shocks and scratches, features Super-LumiNova® filled indications and a luminescent applied index at 12h.

Improved Legibility

The black matte dial base enhances contrast and readability underwater. The highest-performing grade of Super LumiNova® amplifies luminosity even in the darkest depths.

This extremely reliable phosphorescent material is applied to the Divetrack hands and markers. Dial graphics are also executed in the Super-LumiNova® decal.

The daytime indication ring is executed in ceramic aluminum to guarantee the lightest weight and stiffness for optimal operations. This material also provides the highest contrast to the SuperLuminNova® filled figures and indexes, milled directly in the mass.

The applied triangular index at 6h provides a striking and unmistakable readability of daytime, both in daylight and in the darkest light conditions.

Material Combination

The watch case is executed in Grade 5 Titanium. This material offers the best performance in terms of mechanical and corrosion resistance and an extremely interesting weight-to-volume ratio.

Each other external part has been produced in a variety of marine-grade stainless steels, each chosen for its specific properties depending on the precise component features and functionality.

The combination of these materials optimizes strength, dimensions, and weight, allowing for exceptional wearability despite the timepiece’s important dimensions.

All components of the watch case are microblasted to reduce disturbing light reflections and focus on the timepiece’s essential and vital diving information.

The pusher-protection pivoting device, finished with a guard-red ceramic coating, guarantees extreme resistance to scratches and chocks while highlighting its functional importance.

A Symphony of Precision

Crafted over a decade of development, the Divetrack boasts a dedicated 24-hour version of the AgenGraphe automatic movement featuring 479 parts and a robust 72-hour power reserve.

Its innovative design ensures optimal legibility underwater, with all chronograph functions centralized for easy and intuitive reading. The Singer 24-h AgenGraphe Caliber is not merely an advancement; it’s a revolution in mechanical watchmaking.

It challenges and redefines age-old principles, introducing a new era of ingenuity. The spark that ignited this remarkable invention was a vision to improve the readability of chronographs, which often suffer from cluttered displays because of the scattered arrangement of small counters.

Enter the groundbreaking AgenGraphe’s unprecedented design. This innovative architecture centralizes all chronograph functions, simplifying elapsed time’s visualization to a mere glance.

The intuitive display is further enhanced by including jumping indicators for both minutes and hours, a leap forward in enhancing legibility.

divetrack limited edition

Impressive Machine

The AgenGraphe’s ingenuity extends to its integration with the watch’s timekeeping functions. It features a novel clutch mechanism that marries the chronograph to the gear train.

This horizontal coupling, a space-efficient solution, relies on friction for seamless operation, akin to the precision found in vertical clutches. Spanning a diameter of 34.40 mm and standing 8.27 mm tall, our chronograph is a marvel of horological artistry, boasting 479 parts and 56 jewels.

At its heart lies a robust power reserve of 72 hours, propelling Singer’s Automatic 24-hour central chronograph that impresses with jumping hours, minutes, and a smoothly sweeping seconds hand.

This exquisite mechanism operates on the precision of a Swiss Lever escapement, humming at a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour (3 Hz), stabilized by a flat balance wheel equipped with an AgenPit regulator.

Labeling the AgenGraphe as «a revolutionary movement» barely scratches the surface. It is a testament to Singer’s relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation, reimagining not just the chronograph’s function but its very purpose.

Marco Borraccino Designer Note

The journey to create the Divetrack was fueled by a passion to redefine the diving watch for the modern era.

Inspired by the adventurous spirit of divers and the timeless elegance of the 60s and 70s chronographs, the Divetrack is our answer to the unasked question of what makes a watch truly indispensable under the sea.

Every challenge faced in its creation was an opportunity to innovate, ensuring the Divetrack not only meets but exceeds the expectations of those who seek excellence below the surface.» --CEO and Co-Founder.

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