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Curvex CX Master Limited Edition: Exclusive Jumper Watch

Since its inception, Franck Muller has combined boldness and creativity, offering new functions and unconventional time readings each year, leading to world premieres and patent filings. 

In its quest for original creations, Franck Muller offers its collectors an emblematic piece, the Curvex CX Master Jumper, housing a new manufactured movement that is the result of four years of research and development. 

Curvex CX Master Limited Edition

Unique Timekeeping of Curvex CX Master Limited Edition

Equipped with an exceptional complication including jumping hours, jumping minutes, and jumping dates, this timepiece allows for a unique and innovative time reading. 

Curvex CX Master Limited Edition

This creation, without hands, is a watchmaking feat requiring perfect precision and coordination of all the gears, as well as exceptional craftsmanship during assembly. 

The assembly of this highly complex movement is considered to surpass even that of a perpetual calendar in terms of technical difficulty. 

Technical Mastery in Curvex CX Master Limited Edition

A world first, the jumping hours and minutes are complemented by a jumping date. Two discs thus allow the date change with a jump, a technical feat demanding extreme precision. 

Curvex CX Master Limited Edition

The windows are arranged vertically and equidistantly on the dial, highlighting the minimalist symmetric design of the three functions and the use of its 371 components. 

Franck Muller’smanufacture once again demonstrates its great mastery of watchmaking complications, earning it the title of "Master of Complications".

Elegant Design of Curvex CX Master Limited Edition

Housed in a case with beautiful curved lines, the Curvex CX immediately stands out for its shape, emblematic of the Franck Muller house. 

This case features a sapphire crystal that extends from noon to 6 o'clock, blending harmoniously into the strap and thus offering magnificent visibility of the dial. 

Curvex CX Master Limited Edition

A bold design that fully enhances the curves of the watch and provides a transparent view of the dial and its innovative design. 

Dial Craftsmanship of Curvex CX Master Limited Edition

The dial, inspired by the "Clous de Paris" pattern, with pyramid shapes, gives the dial rich reflections thanks to its different facets. This finish, worked obliquely by our dial makers, gives the timepiece a unique style, blending tradition and elegance. 

The Curvex CX Master Jumper is available in a 38-millimeter case, offered in several material variants and incorporating innovative elements such as titanium and platinum. 

Curvex CX Master Limited Edition

Franck Muller's Watchmaking Excellence

Through this exceptional work, Franck Muller offers a new interpretation of the flow of time, both technical and aesthetic, while demonstrating the breadth of its watchmaking expertise.

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