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Byrne Gyro Dial Golf: Teeing Off in Style On Your Wrist

Byrne Watch presents its latest creation: the Gyro Dial Golf – the ultimate companion for those who share a passion for horology and hours on the course. With cardinal indexes that pivot to reveal the game’s symbols; a daily reminder of the joy found on the green.

The dial’s lush ‘practice green’ effect, like grass shimmering in a light breeze, takes you out on the course. Expertly crafted from a proprietary alloy, familiar symbols mysteriously emerge at noon, midnight, or whenever you desire, evoking cherished memories or stirring anticipation. A celebration of contemporary horology, with a playful, sporty twist.

The Gyro Dial Golf watch invites you to a twosome in contemporary horology,
with a playful, sporty swing. Gyro Dial ‘Golf’: a singular iteration of the Byrne Watch’s Gyro Dial concept. 

More than a watch, a vision, a movement with a whimsical animation that plays on the concept of time in the context of a favorite pastime.

Simple in appearance, and yet... complicated to develop and never before seen in watchmaking.

Every day, at midnight or noon, in a flash, the four cardinal indexes – in the form of a pivoting cube at 3 o'clock, 6 o'clock, 9 o'clock and 12 o'clock – take on a new appearance, giving the dial a different visage.

The Byrne Gyro Dial gives its wearer the feeling of a different watch every day,

or even change its dial in an instant.


Passion and Precision: The Birth of Byrne Watch's Gyro Dial Golf

In the beginning, there is passion Byrne’s founder is passionate about mechanics, sports, and golf in particular. Drawing inspiration from his affinities and interests, he created a watch that intriguingly straddles several worlds. 

Building on the success of the acclaimed Casino series, inspired by games of chance, and the Indo-Arabic series, influenced by the Orient, Byrne now sets its sights on a new frontier – the lush greens of the world of golf. 

The founder's love for golf has sparked the creation of this unique timepiece, a first in the realm of watchmaking. From classic to sporty, and back again – this ‘player’ timepiece captures the spirit of golf with a dial in a vibrant, deep green, like the freshly cut grass of verdant golf greens, and changing cardinal indexes that represent the symbols of the game.


A technical and artistic innovation

With this limited series of 24 pieces, Byrne Watch enters a new artistic dimension. In this rendition of the Gyro Dial concept, engraved indexes at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o'clock are replaced by miniature sculptures. 

These sculptures are crafted from a block of a proprietary alloy for the golf symbols and from a block of Super-LumiNova® for the 'Sport' and 'Roman' index faces.

The magic touch of a master engraver

For this endeavor, Byrne Watch partnered with a new Swiss collaborator, a specialist in high-precision watch engraving, to craft these exquisitely detailed positive-relief renditions. 

The intricate process involves 40 distinct steps for crafting the Roman numerals or 'Sport' digits, while sculpting the miniature golf symbols demands countless hours. The fusion of color, texture, 3D effects, and enchanting animation results in a captivating display.

One watch, four faces

Of the four sides of the pivoting cuboids, two represent familiar Gyro Dial executions, while the remaining two are dedicated to the world of golf, exclusive to this limited Gyro Dial series.

On the first watch face, the indices replicate the business end of John Byrne’s own golf clubs, serving as models provided to the engraver in Switzerland. On the second, white chromed golf balls, each meticulously engraved with surgical precision to render hyper-realistic details, appear ready for play.

The third watch face features Roman numerals, and the fourth showcases the 'Sport' theme in Byrne's distinctive typeface. 

The appearance of the Gyro Dial Golf changes daily, at noon or midnight – or as desired by the wearer – displaying the four different cardinal indexes in sequential succession.

Inspired by the lush Scottish golf courses, the rich green dial, neither too light nor too dark, boasts a finely textured grain achieved with laser precision. 

This uncommon vibrancy enhances each of the four faces, while the finesse of execution and meticulous attention to detail lend the overall architecture a visual depth that interacts with light and shadow in captivating ways.


Distinctive elements and redesigned case middle

The overall design is fully aligned with Byrne’s signature style. The case, crafted from a block of titanium, echoes the distinctive shape of the Gyro Dial ZERO, featuring multiple contours that adapt to the orientation of the wrist. 

Its hollow, profiled, and grained sides create a captivating interplay of colors, contrasts, and textures, enhancing refined, lighter, and harmonious curves.
The anti-reflective sapphire crystal case back offers a glimpse into the intricate mechanics of the self-winding movement, bearing the engraved inscription "Golf limited edition" around the edge. 

The winding crown, also carved from a block of titanium, features the number 1, indicative of the watch's sporting spirit - that of the highest step on the podium.
 Finally, for maximum comfort and wearability on the course, in the office, or at the beach (water-resistance: 50 meters), the watch comes with a sporty-chic textured rubber strap with pin buckle in a deep, lush green John Byrne calls ‘Scottish’ – it so effortlessly evokes the golfing retreats in that part of the world.
 Attention to detail continues with luminescent white numerals – Roman and Sport – and hour markers in Super-LumiNova® for excellent legibility even in low light conditions.

Pushing the boundaries of the possible

The miniature sculptures, carved from rare metal, not only added significant weight to two sides of each of the four cuboids, but they also were of different weights. 

Still, the Gyro Dial’s LTM 5555 caliber performs flawlessly – a testament to its ability to adapt and to John Byrne's vision of blending the highest standards of Haute Horlogerie with fresh creativity and unparalleled customization to satisfy the most discerning enthusiast’s desires.

Beyond a tribute to Golf

This limited edition goes beyond a simple celebration of golf; it illuminates a profound duality between engineering precision and artisanal craftsmanship. 

Conceived with connoisseurs of fine watchmaking and golf enthusiasts in mind, it offers an entry into the Byrne universe. Here, passion, style, finesse, and lightness meet to honor excellence.

The Gyro Dial Golf is offered at an introductory price of CHF 25,000; upon request it is possible to personalize the watch with a titanium deployant clasp.


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