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Vanguard Color Dreams Loes Van Delft: A Vibrant Limited Edition

Franck Muller is proud to announce its artful collaboration with the talented Dutch artist Loes Van Delft, to create a timepiece that transcends conventional watch design. 

The result of their artistic synergy is the Vanguard Color Dreams Loes Van Delft Limited Edition, a unique timepiece with a distinctive design reflecting the worlds of Franck Muller and Loes Van Delft.

A Canvas on Your Wrist

Vanguard Color Dreams Loes Van Delft

Specially designed for the Vanguard Color Dreams Loes Van Delft Limited Edition, the dial features the artist's signature combined with Franck Muller’s iconic Color Dreams numerals. 

This distinctive dial is a canvas of pure imagination, where the artist's beloved character, Pjipje, takes centre stage, becoming an integral part of Franck Muller's world, represented by the Color Dreams numerals. 

One of the key challenges was the quest for the perfect watchmaking technique to transfer the artwork on the dial. 

Additionally, the meticulous selection of the 26 different colours presented an artistic challenge that was masterfully overcome.

Vanguard Color Dreams Loes Van Delft

Vanguard Color Dreams Loes Van Delft

Contemporary Art Meets Horology

Housed in the emblematic Vanguard case of 43 millimeters, in titanium with black PVD treatment, the limited edition of 50 timepieces encapsulates the essence of contemporary art. 

Featuring an automatic movement with a 42-hour power reserve promising to delight and captivate every wrist it adorns.

In a celebration of craftsmanship and creativity, each collector will have the privilege of receiving with their watch a 90 x 90 cm art print, signed by the illustrious Loes Van Delft, ensuring an authentic connection between the collector and the artist. 

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To further enhance the exclusivity, each artwork is numbered with the corresponding watch number, creating an unparalleled sense of harmony between the two worlds.

Vanguard Color Dreams Loes Van Delft

Vanguard Color Dreams Loes Van Delft  

About Loes Van Delft:

Born in 1991, Loes Van Delft, is a Dutch painter known for her vibrant and whimsical artwork, which often features playful characters and dreamlike scenes.

Loes Van Delft’s journey began at a young age refining her skills by attending the St Lucas Art academy where she graduated in 2012. 

Her early career took an exciting turn when she interned with the creative team Supperclub in Amsterdam where she also held her first solo exhibition in 2011.

Her artistic creation are characterized by an innocent quirkiness with a cheeky cartoon feel that she developed over the year, which she calls “Pjipje”.

Loes Van Delft once noted: “My paintings always reflect something of the phase I'm going through in my life. If the work is rich in colour and exudes cheerfulness, it signifies a positive period. 

If it takes on a slightly darker tone with Pjipje's expressions appearing more serious, it's indicative of challenging times. My paintings serve as a sort of diary for me.”

Loes Van Delft’s distinctive style has earned her acclaim over time. Crown with the Best Global Artist Award in Amsterdam International Art Fair in 2012, the young award-winning paintings are shown in various exhibitions around the world such as in Amsterdam, Barcelona and Taiwan.

For More Details, You can Visit:  Franck Muller Switzerland  

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